Staging: What should sellers know about staging their homes.


There are rules to follow or points to remember about staging your home. Read on my blogs to get some basic tips ūüôā

Glamor your home

Let the buyers see the glamor in your house so they can picture themselves in the house. Picture simple yet meaningful enough for the buyers to get so interested living in the house.

Maximize the spacing in all parts of your home

Declutter and maximize the space in your home by installing floor to ceiling bookshelves or shoe racks.  Let your  buyers feel excited to view your home and buy it quickly.


Who would want to buy an obviously unsanitized house? Make sure that Bathroom should look clean and appealing. How? Take away all the rusty hanging materials on it. Repaint the cabinet or bathroom shelves. Make sure that toilets don’t look nasty with dirt obviously built up on it already. It doesn’t need to look bright and shiny but looking tidy will surely suffice. You can add a glass stickers on the mirror and replace your bathtub¬†curtain to make it look sanitize and well-taken care off. Let your buyer feels like you know how to take care of your house, with that you can surely win their trust right away.


Try to make sure that your house looks modernize. Not a complete renovation but changing some part of your house is beneficial. Because, if the house looks too old you might get a lot of buyer asking to lower your price. There are ways to modernize a traditional home such as designing your house with artistic paints, repainting your walls especially the master bedroom, and adding a plant or a flower vase. No need to hang any family photo’s on the wall because that might be a bit destructing to the buyers. But you can hang images with motivational quotes.


Some use sticker wallpaper  to make things look unique and way better than other house for sale.

I hope that helps!